How do I list my business on Google?

Have you ever tried to look up a business on google and wondered why you couldn’t find it?

Perhaps you have just started a business and want to know how get your business to show up on the Google feed?

Fortunately, it is quite simple by following a few basic steps to “Get your business on Google for free”.




Step 1:  Go to Google –

Click the Get on Google box and this will either ask you to sign-in or take you directly to the business map page.

Step 2:  Next type in the business name and known address (screen shot 1), if the correct information does not come up in the search bar, click This doesn’t match – Add your business.  Type in the correct information (screen shot 2) and click Continue.

Step 3:  Once the correct information has been entered as well selecting the Terms of Service, click Continue.  

Google will then create your business page, however in order for it to be live and found on Google, you will need to verify this new business.


Step 4:  Sometimes Google will allow a text sms verification or a phone call directly to the business.  However in most cases, a postcard will need to be sent to the business address which can take up to 10 or more days to arrive.  Therefore, click to Post and verification can happen later once you receive your verification code in the mail from Google.

From this point on, Google will take you to your new business page.  There is a tour guide to Get Started or just Skip Tour and fill in the relevant information.

Google will prompt and help you enter the correct information along with a % percentage profile completed bar.   Scrolling down the page to the Google+ will also automatically create the business Google+ page, which you can also share on your website etc.

Once you receive your unique Google Code in the mail, it is just a matter of clicking the Verify Now, typing in the code and your business will then be placed on Google for Free.

It may take a day or two for the map and information to show up on the right hand side, however it will as well as your other business related links if also been set up correctly.

If you have further questions regarding setting up Google Business or any other social media strategies, please contact us at 0418 206 445 or fill in the form below:



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